Great Charity

All the staff at Greatbay are great advocates in raising money for various charity organisations such as Help the Heroes, MacMillan Cancer Support and Children in Need.

The staff have had come up with lots of themes to add a little bit of fun to the fund raising by pyjamas party, bake offs, baby photo competition to name a few, but by all accounts the sing along by Mark and Brian, who delivered an excellent rendition of  The Most Beautiful Girl was the best fund raiser thus far and the challenge goes out to anyone to beat it.      

Charitable organisations exist to support and raise funds for a specific group of people. There are numerous charities that support a wide variety of causes such as children in various locations. These organisations depend on the generosity of the general community to make donations to charity of, in order that they can carry out their work. Many charities are completely self-funded.

So on that sincere note , many thanks for your contributions to charity and long may your support continue.

Many thanks

Richard & Andy


In 2015 we raised ...

  • £212.72 for MacMillan Cancer Support
  • £118.00 for Children in Need
  • £104.74 for Text Santa


Charity Week 14th – 18th March 2016

We Raised … £433.55

  • Playground Games / Raffle
  • George’s Leg wax & Brian and Mark Sing Song!
  • Baby Guessing Photos / Bake Sale


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