Leak Detection

It’s not uncommon for water supply pipes to leak or burst which can cause problems for any home or business.

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Inside your home

Dyno Plumbing offers a unique leak detection package throughout Kent, Essex and London. Using sophisticated technology our expert team of local plumbers in your area can trace the leak and repair it all in one visit -- meaning less disruption and inconvenience for you.

Leaks underneath concrete floors and behind walls can be difficult to trace and may involve repeat visits to locate them. Dyno Plumbing has the equipment and the expertise to locate the leak and repair it there and then.

Cameras are used to identify differences in temperature on the surface of different materials – allowing our local plumbers at Dyno Plumbing to identify pipes which are buried in floors or walls. This non-invasive survey is carried out with minimal disruption.

If pipes are very well insulated or buried so deep that a change in temperature cannot be detected – our plumbers use a sophisticated ground microphone to pinpoint the leak.

This solution can detect even the trickiest of leaks. The system suspected of a leak would be drained and filled with a non-toxic, non- flammable and non-corrosive gas. This will escape from the pipe at the point of the leak where it can be identified by a sensitive gas detector above ground. On very small leaks the engineer will use a combination of tracer gas and acoustic methods. The gas does not damage the environment in any way.

Outside Your Home

Mains water supply pipe repairs

It's not uncommon for water supply pipes to leak or burst which can cause problems for any home or business.

Dyno Plumbing's expert local plumbers can detect and pinpoint the problem using leak detection technology. We can then dig and spot repair the Water Supply Pipe, re-instating waterflow quickly and efficiently.

We can also replace broken pipes using a trenchless technology called moling.

impact moling

A machine, known as a mole, is driven pneumatically through the ground and then the new pipe is pulled through - along the path the mole has made. This avoids the need to excavate and is useful in areas where access is limited. 

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