Cold Water Loft Tank Cleaning

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Because many loft tanks remain uncovered water can become contaminated when unwanted articles fall into it. Also, lime scale can build up to such an extent that ball valves and associated valves can cease to work properly, possibly resulting in an overflow.

We frequently find tanks that are uncovered (and even those with some form of inadequate covering), invite a range of unwanted inhabitants. And once they get in, they can't get out!

Typically we come across the following in loft tanks;

  • RATS
  • MICE

Stay Safe

The main contaminants of loft tanks are lime scale and general debris which can prove a health hazard.

Considering this is drinking and washing water, it pays just to check.

And if you're at all unsure about any risk or simply can't get to your tank, let us take a look and quote for cleaning and covering, which may involve a simple clean or total decontamination.

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