Power Flushing

Radiator and Boiler Power Flush & Descaling

Help keep your central heating system working more efficiently, for longer.

Over the months and years, your central heating system builds up sludge, debris and limescale. Powerflushing is an intelligent method of removing the sludge, and keeping your system in top working condition.

Prices from £480 including VAT fitted.

What is Powerflushing?

Over time, your central heating system will start to build up debris, limescale and sludge. If this is left in the system your boiler and radiators will not be able to work as efficiently as they should. Powerflushing is an effective method of cleaning this sludge out of your central heating system, to keep it in tip top working condition.

A powerful jet of clean water is pumped through the boiler, hot water cylinder, pipes and radiators to flush out any debris.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves your radiators performance and heat output. If you have noticed cold spots on your radiators and are having to bleed them frequently, this indicates there is a build-up of sediment.
  • May save you money. Powerflushing will make your system more efficient and could reduce fuel bills and save you money.
  • Reduces the noise of your boiler.
  • Your system could last longer. Future corrosion can be prevented and your boiler may be less likely to break down in the future.
Power Flushing from Dyno

Magna Filter

Effective magnetic and non-magnetic filtration. Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protection. Pack prices include inhibitor and 2 hours labour.

From only £299.99 inluding VAT & fitting.



An inhibitor provides protection for systems against limescale and corrosion for clean central heating systems. Suitable for use in all types of indirect central heating systems. An inhibitor will extend the life of the screen, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising fuel usage

From only £149.99 inluding VAT & fitting.

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