Surestop Stopcocks

The easy way to turn off water!

Unaffected by limescale – so it won’t seize up. Powered by water pressure – no batteries or electricity required

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Every year 1 in 8 homes in the UK is likely to suffer a burst pipe or water leak*

* Research undertaken by Halifax Home Insurance

What would you do if you had a burst pipe in your home?

With SureStop® you can turn off mains water with the flick of a switch!

ONLY £199

Including VAT & Fitting

Surestop® - Fitted in homes... Businesses... Boats... Caravans... Holiday homes...

Have you, a friend or relative had a water leak? If so you know the heart ache... Insurance claims... Lost memories... Disruption...

  • no batteries or electricity... works off water pressure... cant let you down... no running costs
  • not affected by limescale... cant seize up like brass fittings...
  • flick of a switch turns off main supply in just 3 seconds... reduces damage and inconvenience at a stroke...
  • can turn off at any time... every time you leave the home... especially when going on holiday...
  • can replace your existing stop cock ... or fitted in addition
  • if existing stop cock hard to find... or turn off... difficult to reach... (older/infirm people???)
  • switch fitted where most convenient to you...

We can, in most cases, simply install a surestop in under an hour. Although, as every case is different, there will be occassions when we exceed this time.

Bearing this in mind, we offer a no quibble fixed rate price, including VAT if we can complete within the hour.

If you can't locate your stopcock or a plumber quickly, fitting a Surestop© will minimise any damage and give you time to get the leak detected and repaired.