Great Bay’s Michael Dolby and Mason Latchford to appear on the ‘Big Build’.

On Wednesday the 11th, Dyno Plumbing will be on the BBC’s DIY SOS (also known as the Big Build) volunteering with Nick Knowles and his team to help the Newcombe family in Kent.

Every parent thinks of their child as being one in a million, but two-year-old Arlo Newcombe really is. Arlo has a lung condition so rare that it has never been seen before in the UK. His lungs must be constantly supported, which has left him dependant on oxygen 24/7. From birth the family have been confined to a five-foot cubicle at Kings College Hospital, all while witnessing ‘life on the knife edge’ in the intensive care ward.

Despite his condition, Arlo is mentally and physically a typical toddler. Defying the odds, after two years in intensive care and specialist training for the parents, Arlo finally made it home. However, he needs a minimum of two highly trained carers on constant watch, making family life – let alone sleep for mum and dad – almost impossible. Trailing breathing tubes, equipment the size of tumble dryers and the lack of a downstairs bathroom have turned their once-safe home into a risky space for Arlo and his brothers, Luca and Sonny. It’s also urgent that dad Mike returns to work to pay for the mortgage and bills. Otherwise they risk losing their house and seeing Arlo back in intensive care.

The DIY SOS team and our engineers goal is to create a safe and inspiring space that Arlo and his family can call home.

The show will be on at 8pm on BBC One. Let’s all support and give it a watch!

If you miss it and wish to catch it on demand… you can do so on once the show has aired.