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Hydroflow - Remove Lime Scale from Your Plumbing System

Of particular importance to those living in hard water areas, Hydroflow is an inexpensive method of removing lime scale for everybody.

Without changing the chemical composition of your water, Hydroflow eliminates lime scale leaving it completely drinkable but retaining any essential minerals. Also, once fitted, it will gradually dissolve any previous lime scale build up.

Easily installed to existing pipework and wired directly to a convenient electrical point, the running costs are just over £1 per year.

Hydroflow will provide you with the following important benefits.

  • Water is completely drinkable
  • Small unit won't take up valuable cupboard space
  • Ease of installation means inexpensive installation
  • Extremely low running costs - just over £1 per year
  • No maintenance. It either works or it doesn’t
  • Works on all pipe materials. Steel, copper even plastic
  • Reduces maintenance engineer call outs for appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers
  • No need to use expensive lime scale products in your machines

Please remember Hydroflow is not a Water Softener, so unlike a traditional softener unit, with hydroflow;

  • Water still completely drinkable.
  • No salt products are required, thereby reducing running costs and inconvenience of storing products
  • No maintenance annual or otherwise
  • Less electricity used to power the unit
  • Doesn’t take up wall or cupboard space
Hydro Flow – Limescale Removal System – Dyno Plumbing Kent Limescale Removal System – Hydro Flow – Dyno Plumbing Kent