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Emergency Plumbers in Basildon, Essex

Dyno Plumbing's Basildon plumbing team is fully equipped to professionally solve any plumbing problems you may face. Our team of local plumbers in Basildon, Essex are fully qualified and work to exacting standards.

We are geared to provide rapid response, emergency plumbing service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, aiming to ensure that the disruption caused by burst or leaking pipes is kept to an absolute minimum.

Each van is comprehensively stocked with tools, equipment and materials to help ensure a first-time fix whenever possible.



Emergency Plumbers Basildon, Essex

Dyno Plumbing's expert team of local plumbers is fully equipped to professionally solve any plumbing problems you may face.

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Basildon, Essex Leak Detection

Dyno Plumbing offers a unique leak detection service. Using sophisticated technology we can trace the leak and repair it all in one visit.

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Tap Rapairs & Replacement Basildon, Essex

Taps have come a long way in the last few years. If your taps need replacing is now a good time to upgrade too?

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Heating & Boiler Servicing Basildon, Essex

We carry out repairs and servicing on all types of boilers, which includes full fault finding, installation, part replacement.

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Cold Water Loft Tank Cleaning Basildon, Essex

Because many loft tanks remain uncovered water can become contaminated when unwanted articles fall into it.

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Mains Water Pipe Repair & Replacement Basildon, Essex

It’s not uncommon for mains supply pipes to burst or leak.

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Basildon, Essex

Worried by the lack of facilities and development, in the 1940s Billericay Urban District Council and Essex County Council presented a petition to the Government demanding the construction of some new towns; thus Basildon and eight other 'New Towns' were born.

Basildon boasts many high street shops and some lovely cafes in the open air East Walk and Town Square. The Eastgate Shopping Centre houses over 100 shops, and when it opened in 1985 it was the largest shopping centre in Essex. Due to the fact that there were not any other close retail complexes, it therefore became extremely popular. Since the eighties the shopping centre as had quite a few makeovers and its more recent revamp in 2007 cost over £10m! In addition to these shops, there is also the Westgate Shopping Park, regular markets and many smaller retail parks on the outskirts.

In addition to the shops, many pleasant hours can be spent at the Festival Leisure Park, affectionately known as Bas Vegas by the locals, which is a trading leisure park which includes several restaurants, a bowling alley, a casino, hotels, an eighteen screen cinema and two gyms.

Currently there are several major developments planned for the town, including town centre regeneration work, the construction of a new "Sporting Village" and a health and education research centre, as well as considerable investment in the Basildon Enterprise Corridor, which is a vast business region. In addition to this, there will be many more houses constructed and it is planned that some existing estates will be redesigned.

Despite the fact that the town is relatively new, there are a few traces of Basildon’s past still evident today such as the many old roads and country lanes that originally connected the villages which have been incorporated into the construction of the town. Furthermore, many of the old parish churches still exist, quietly nestled against the modern buildings.

Dyno offers the people of Basildon peace of mind with our emergency plumbing and leak detection services, meaning they can rest safe in the knowledge that every eventuality is covered. If old water pipes need replacing, Dyno is here to help. We also fit modern heating and boilers and install toilets and stylish bathrooms.