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Fixed Price Tap Repairs or a free tap replacement.

We will repair or replace any Tap+ for £109 including Parts, Labour and VAT

We are currently operating at 96% First Time Fix with our comprehensive Van Stock for Tap repairs and replacements. If we cannot repair your tap and you would like to upgrade your free tap - just let us know and we can give you a price for an upgrade (Price dependant on what upgrade Tap you would like).

Dyno Plumbing Kent
Dyno Plumbing Kent
Dyno Plumbing Kent
Dyno Plumbing Kent

We will in the 1st instant attempt to repair any Tap.

If this proves unsuccessful we will replace your taps from our standard stock.

+ Exclusions

  • Any part over £25
  • Labour over 1.5 Hrs
  • Boiling or Filter taps
  • Access - (ie, boxed in or tiled in Taps)
  • We will only offer a free Tap replacement if we cannot fix your existing tap.