Non-electric, single tank water softener

Kinetico® Sumo Water Softener

Dyno has teamed up with the world-leaders in water treatment to offer a non-electric, single tank water softener – the only proven way to permanently remove damaging limescale from your water using the ‘ion exchange’ process. All Kinetico products are subject to a robust Quality Control process and rigorous testing before they’re installed in customer’s homes. The Kinetico Sumo Water Softener has also been awarded the industry-recognised WRAS accreditation.

Your scaled-up boiler and heating pipes are using far more energy than necessary, adding a significant 12% increase to your water energy bills.

Why do I need a Kinetico Sumo Water Softener?

A water softener is designed to prevent and the build up of limescale on surfaces where hard water is heated. This is done by changing the molecular structure of water as it passes through the device.

Kinetico offers some of the very best water softeners on the market to help reduce the calcium and magnesium minerals from hard water. This dramatically improves the quality of the water flowing through your house and the effects it has on your appliances. 

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