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Emergency Plumbers in Catford, Kent

Dyno Plumbing's expert team of  local plumbers to Catford is fully equipped to professionally solve any plumbing problems you may face. Our local plumbers are fully qualified and work to exacting standards.

We are geared to provide rapid response, emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout Kent and Essex, aiming to ensure that the disruption caused by burst or leaking pipes is kept to an absolute minimum.

Each of our plumber's service vans is comprehensively stocked with tools, equipment and materials to help ensure a first-time fix whenever possible.


Local Plumbers in Catford

As you enter Catford, you cannot fail to miss its distinctive landmark, the Catford Cat, a gigantic black cat made from fibreglass, which sits above the entrance to the town’s centre. In fact, it is grisly rumoured that the town’s name is derived from the drowning of black cats being thrown into the ford to drown during the witch hunts. Catford boasts some impressive architecture, including the Broadway Theatre, a stunning art deco building next to the Town Hall. A major feature of the building is the curved stone structure, featuring heraldic emblems and shields, with a green copper spire at its top. There are also some pleasant open spaces, such as Mountsfield Park where the energetic can enjoy a range of outdoor activities and sports. The park also has beautiful ornamental gardens and a bandstand which is often used for large events such as the annual People's Day which attracts over 30,000 visitors! Catfird can be found in the South East of London and is a priority area for regeneration after £1.5 million was secured for proposed improvements to Catford Broadway. This project will benefit businesses, residents and shoppers, with specific plans to include better facilities for the market, street improvements, with improved seating and lighting, and the development of a programme to attract a greater number of shoppers. The Excalibur Estate, a 188 bungalow residential area that was erected at the end of World War II, is due to be demolished and replaced with new housing. Dyno are excited to work within a town with such a bright future and will be able to install bathrooms, toilets, modern heating systems and boilers to any homes and businesses there. In addition to these services, Dyno can also provide emergency plumbing and leak detection and protection and the replacement of mains water pipes.

Our plumbing services include:


Emergency Plumbing Catford Kent

Emergency Plumbing Catford

Dyno Plumbing's Catford expert team is fully equipped to professionally solve any plumbing problems you may face.

Leak Detection Catford Kent

Leak Detection Catford

Dyno Plumbing Catford offers a unique leak detection package. Using sophisticated technology we can trace the leak and repair it all in one visit.

Replacement Taps Catford Kent

Replacement Taps Catford

Taps have come a long way in the last few years. If your taps need replacing is now a good time to upgrade too?