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Emergency Plumbing

Professional expertise you can rely on.

Dyno Plumbing's expert team of plumbers in Kent and Essex is fully equipped and ready to respond to any plumbing problems you may face. Our team of local plumbers are fully qualified and work to exacting standards.

Our team of local plumbers are geared to provide rapid response, emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, aiming to ensure that the disruption caused by burst or leaking pipes is kept to an absolute minimum.

Each Dyno plumbers' van is comprehensively stocked with tools, equipment and materials to help ensure a first-time fix whenever possible.

Common Applications

We repair, install or replace:


Emergency Plumbers Local to You  Dyno Plumbing Kent

Emergency Plumbers Kent

Specialist Services

Initial Leak Detection

Protect your home by pinpointing and repairing leaks with accuracy and speed.

  • Using the latest acoustic, thermal or gas trace equipment to locate water leaks in the pipes in your home.

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Mains Water Pipe Repair & Replacement

  • Detect then locate & repair.
  • Completely replace the main supply.

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Install Surestop

  • In an emergency - turn off gushing water with the flick of a switch

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Eliminate Limescale

  • Install Hydroflow to remove Limescale from your system.
  • Recommended to install after mains water pipe repair or replacement.

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